Future Enhancements for LoRaWAN Tank Sensor

The following improvements are foreshadowed for a Gen 2 release of the project.

  • Change the PCB design to add a console connection for UART0 to allow REPL and script updates to be performed in-situ.  In the current PCB design, the LoPy4 module has to be removed and inserted into the Pycom expansion board to access the USB connection.
  • Power the analog switch from a digital I/O line so it may be powered down when not in use to conserve power.  This assumes the switch will default to “open” when powered off.
  • Move the battery connector to the top edge of the PCB for ease of access.
  • Add a switch to the circuit to control the startup mode.  Normal mode runs the measurement code, while maintenance mode powers up the Wi-Fi access point to permit FTP or Telnet access to the device.  This will simplify in-situ code updates and eliminate the need to remove the module from the PCB to update the script.